Award Levels

Please use your official, current Toastmasters International manuals as the final authorities since the information presented below could change at any time.

An individual in Toastmasters can earn recognition of their accomplishments. Toastmasters International recognizes two tracks of recognition: Communication and Leadership tracks. An individual may work on achieving recognition in both of these categories. Completion of both categories earns the highest honor in Toastmasters - Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).


Competent Communicator (CC)

• Completed the Competent Communication manual.

Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB)

• Achieved Competent Communicator Award (or Competent Toastmaster).
• Completed Two Advanced Communication Manuals.

Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS)

• Achieved Advanced Communicator Bronze award (or achieved Able Toastmaster Award).
• Completed two additional advanced manuals (may not be those completed for any previous award).
• Conducted any two programs from The Better Speaker Series and/ or The Successful Club Series.

Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG)

• Achieved Advanced Communicator Silver Award (or achieved Able Toastmaster Bronze award).
• Completed two additional advanced manuals (may not be those completed for any previous session).
• Conducted a Success/ Leadership Program, Success/Communications Program or a Youth Leadership program.
• Coached a new member with the first three speech projects.


Competent Leader (CL)

• Completed the Competent Leadership manual.

Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB)

• Achieved Competent Leader Award.
• Served at least six months as a club officer and participated in a Club Success Plan.
• While a Club Officer, participated in a District Sponsored officer training program.
• Conducted any two programs from The Successful Club Series.

Advanced Leader Silver (ALS)

• Achieved the Advanced Leader Bronze Award.
• Served a complete term as a District Officer.
• Completed the High Performance Leadership program.
• Served successfully as a club sponsor, Mentor, or Specialist.

Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)
• Achieved Advanced Toastmaster Gold Award.
• Achieved Advanced Leader Award.

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